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About Us

At Silestial we believe it's necessary to start building a more sustainable future for ourselves and the people after us. Cutting out simple things like plastics from our everyday lives go a long way to a cleaner and safer future. 

Our goal is to provide a more reliable replacement to the plastics we very much depend on. We believe having a trendy looking reusable cup that minimizes plastic use is one way to get people to embrace the path of sustainability. Being silicone, our cups can be collapsed into a compact form saving space for things like everyday use and shipping.

As for straws, we all know how dangerous they are to the environment and our animals friends. Even plastics that slowly break down in the ocean eventually get eaten by microorganisms which are thereafter eaten by other fish and mammals. This build of microplastic in the food chain is extremely toxic to animals and causes them to become very sick and breed off spring with more sicknesses. 

A silicone straw that's reusable will not break down so easily and will be less likely to find itself in the ocean as it's reuse life span is far greater than any plastic straw. Being light weight, durable and soft to the teeth with immense heat and cold resistant, it makes it the perfect straw substitute for the sustainable future we have in mind.

Silestial also uses re-useable packaging for our shipments. Any small order of cups will come with a bubble mailer than can be re-used for your own shipping needs. Most small packages arrive in mailers that immediately get torn up and thrown out. The bubble mailers we use can halve the amount of packaging out there simply by having second time use option. 

In the future Silestial hopes to bring more than just coffee cups and straws to the table. We have plans to improve out products and bring newer options that will help bring us all to a cleaner and safer future.